27 August 2013

Erika & Eise's Wedding

A few years ago I was a guest at my cousin Erika's wedding and I took a ton of pictures of their beautiful day. Erika and Eise's wedding was unique and special and I'm sure you will pick up on that in the pictures. You could tell that the people loved this couple and that the couple loves their Savior. In the shade the atmosphere was relaxed and the "bring your own pick-nick basket"-theme called for much festivities! Their little flower girl looked so stunning, but trying to photograph her was like trying to photograph a unicorn - she was so shy. I did eventually manage to snap one pic of her before she disappeared behind a tree again :)

All pictures were taken by myself - please do not reproduce, copy or use the images in any way without my written permission. Copyright © 2013 Anneli Strecker.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous my dear cousin! You captured such incredibly special intimate moments!! You're a PRO :)