12 August 2014

Kikitography Workshop

I cannot remember exactly when I came across the work of Kikitography, but what I do remember well is that I was immediately drawn to the beautiful images they make. So I liked their Facebook page. I always looked forward to the frequent blog posts they would put up. I'd make myself a cup of coffee and then just scroll through the many wonderful photographs of weddings and families and engaged couples. What struck me about their images was how true and honest, yet beautiful they were. It was as if you're seeing everything exactly as it happened, only in the most beautiful way possible - not modified or enhanced, just simply told as it was. Real stories about real people. I loved how refreshing that was to see.

In time as I followed their journey I became curious about the people who took these amazing pictures and I read up on them a little. The Internets said that they are a married couple, working as a team. It also said that they loved telling other people's stories via photographs and that they hosted wedding workshops from time to time. I remember seeing the announcement of one such workshop once last year and one of my friends also told me about the workshop and that perhaps I should consider going. At the time I sadly couldn't go, even though I very badly wanted to. I put it behind me and just carried on gathering as much information about photography online (and especially wedding photography) as I possibly could, never even considering the possibility that I might one day attend such a workshop and meet these people.

This year, when I saw another post about the Kikitography workshop that was to be held in June, I was fortunate enough to be in the position to commit and just go! And boy, it was certainly worth it! Of course, I totally worked myself into a flat spin about the whole thing beforehand. I'm not the world's biggest extrovert and to top that I knew I would be WAY out of my league among the other photographers that would attend. I was pleasantly surprised when I learned how incredibly nice the hosts and the other photographers were though - seriously all wonderful people. The two days were filled with invaluable lessons and tips & tricks, great food, great company and we also got to experience the Kikitography team doing what they do best. 

Before I let you go to just look at the pictures I just have to tell you a little bit about the husband and wife team behind Kikitography. It was a little like meeting rock stars you've always admired, but they are honestly the friendliest, most down-to-earth couple. They are super talented, they have great style and they have the cutest little baby girl ever. Oh, and I can't say this of many strangers I've met in my life, but the love of Jesus Christ radiates from them. It's a beautiful thing to see :) 

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