21 July 2013


Whenever I am asked where I am from, I am faced with a little internal debate before I can answer the question. As a child we moved around a lot due to my dad's occupation, never settling in one place for longer than a couple of years, and never living in only one house in that particular city or town while we were there. Not long ago I counted that I've moved 9 times with my family, from house to house in different cities across the country, by the time I got married. So I've decided to simplify it and say that I'm from South Africa. And it's true; I really do feel at home wherever I go in this country.

One of these locations did stand out for me however, during our time as nomads: It's a little town on the Southern Cape of South Africa called Mossel Bay. Even though we only spent a mere two and a half years there, I love to claim that this is my real hometown. It captivated me in every way and became the backdrop for some of the best memories I have. I lost my heart to the ocean and with it a piece of my soul, as the saying goes. My feet walked those streets and for the first time as a young adult I experienced freedom. There I met my one true love and made the best of friends. It's a shame that I didn't own a camera during that time, for now I must forever rely on the faded images that are my memories. These shots were taken in the years that followed during short visits.

All pictures were taken by myself (except for the very last one of myself and my husband, which was taken by my mom) - please do not reproduce, copy or use the images in any way. Copyright © 2013 Anneli Strecker.

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